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Anita-Nell's story... from 527lbs to marathons...

I dieted all my life. They never worked. After  a lot of soul searching, I came to the conclusion that it was not a  diet I needed. I needed to change my life. Not just the way I eat but  also the level of activity I have.

In short, I started very slow and walked, in  the beginning walking was a torture chamber for me. I could barely make  it to the end of my block. Everyday went just a little further, I  eventually was able to go a mile. In time I began to work with a trainer  and set a goal to walk the Disney World ½ marathon (2006). At this time  I was 257lbs. By March 2005 I was down 270lbs since walking that first  mile. My goal was to just walk the Disney Half Marathon. That day is my  Birthday and it was my present to myself.

As I got more and more fit, Jolene my trainer  from the YMCA started to teach me how to put run breaks in. I always  hated running and still did. But I did it anyway to give my walking  muscles a break. Soon I was walking with run breaks more often. Jolene  was asking me if I'd be interested in doing a walk/run at the Half  Marathon. I said I would try. She set me up on a program of 3:2 walk/run  intervals, then eventually 1:3. Later, I switched to a Run/Walk  interval since I was running more! I was running 3 minutes and walking  2, and I got real good at this in July and August of 2005. I was feeling  very good.

Soon October was here and she gave me a plan  for my up coming race. It was going to be a real time management for me.  I started to do 6:2 run/walk which I discovered later was Galloway’s  run/walk method. I was ready to go to Disney World!

On December 1st I ran my first full mile, then  ran six miles. Remember I had never liked to run, even in high school  and my whole life had never “run” more than a mile at a time. But this  day, this moment getting past the first mile I found not only did I like  it I LOVED it. Even today the first mile kills me.

A few weeks before I went to Disney World for  my Half Marathon, a friend told me about BOISE RunWalk. I e-mailed Coach  Steve and said I would not be able to start on January 7th would it be  possible to start later. He replied with yes and I joined the group.  Joining BOISE RunWalk was one of the best things I have done for “me” my  entire life. I have made great friends and have had great support. I  have also found there to be no limits on your “dreams”

I finished my first Marathon “The City of  Trees” November 5, 2006. It was one of the greatest days of my life. I  will never be the same, my goal is to inspire and encourage others to  push beyond limits they never knew they had.

Started Moving



Running Accomplishments

January 2006 - Disney World Half Marathon

April 2006 - Race to Robie Creek

May 2006 - Minnie marathon weekend:
5k came in 109th overall

15k came in 465th overall
Race for the Cure 5k
Famous Potato Half Marathon

June 2006 - Sawtooth Relay - legs 1 and 7

July 2006 - Fit for Life Half Marathon

September 2006 - Disneyland Inaugural Half Marathon (set my PR of 2:15)

St Luke’s Women’s Fitness Celebration 5K

October 2006 - Barber to Boise 10K

November 2006 - City of Trees Marathon

January 2007 - Completed Goofy’s Challenge: 39.3 miles in one weekend!
Disney World Half Marathon - Saturday Jan 6
Disney World Marathon - Sunday January 7 Happy Birthday to me!

April 21, 2007-Robie Creek- ½ Marathon Boise, Idaho

May 19, 2007-Famous Potato Marathon-Boise, Idaho

June 9, 2007 – Sawtooth Stanley/Ketchum, Idaho

September 3, 2007 – Disneyland Anaheim ½ Marathon, California

September 22, 2007 -Women’s Celebration 5k Boise, Id

October 7, 2007- La Salle Chicago Marathon, Illinois

November 4, 2007 - US Half San Francisco, California

January 13, 2008 - Rock n Roll Marathon Phoenix, Arizona

April 19, 2008 - Robie Creek ½ Marathon Boise,Idaho

April 26, 2008 - Rock n Roll Nashville Marathon, Tennessee

May 3, 2008 – Hornet Run 5k with GOTR Boise, ID

May10, 2008- Race for the Cure 5k Riverside Church Boise

June 1, 2008 – Rock in Roll San Diego Marathon, CA

June 7, 2008 – Race for Hope-5K Boise ID

June 14th, 2008 – Sawtooth Relay Stanley/Ketchum, Id

August 31, 2008 Rock n Roll Virginia Beach, Virgina 1/2 Marathon

September 21, 2008 Rock n Roll Phillidelphia, Pennsylvannia 1/2 Marathon

October 5, 2008 Rock n Roll San Jose, California 1/2 Marathon

November 16th, 2008 Rock n Roll San Antonio,Texas Full Marathon


June 27, 2009 Rock n Roll Seattle, Washington Full Marathon

July 11, Fit for life, Boise, Idaho 1/2 Marathon

August 2, 2009 Rock n Roll Chicago, Illinoise 1/2 Marathon

September 26, 2010 Woman's Fitness Celebration Boise, ID 5k 


February 28, 2010 Rock n Roll New Orleans, Full Marathon

April 17, 2010 Robie Creek, Boise Idaho, 1/2 Marathon

September 25, 2010 Woman's Fitness Celebration, Boise ID 5K

October 10, 2010 Portland Marathon, Portland OR Full Marathon

October 16, 2010 Barber to Boise, ID 5K (With GOTR)

November 7, 2010 Twin Cities Marathon, Fresno, CA Full Marathon

December 6, 2010 Rock n Roll Las Vegas, NV Full Marathon


May 7, 2011 Nampa, Idaho 1/2 Marathon

September 21. 2011 Woman's Fitness Celebration, Boise ID 5K

December 17th, 2011 YMCA Christmas Run, Boise ID 5k

This was a light year for me, after 4 full  Marathons in 2010 I was tired this was my break year. Still looking for  the right marathon for 2012 (It was Hawaii and San Diego). 

2013 goal was 13 13.1's in 2013 did 15.

Have continued to train, run and race with my clients in 2014 and getting ready for 2015 :)

Come get moving!


No matter where your at I will challenge you to press into your limits. It's time for change....