Personal Training

If you would like one personal training without signing up for a program it will be $45

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Personal Training

Personal Training are 50-55 minutes.

Initial Meeting and evaluation is $25. This is scheduled for 50 minutes. It will give me a chance to learn your goals and fitness needs. I would be able to set up a program from this initial meeting. I will have you preform some different exercises and also have you walk a mile as fast as possible without holding on but maintaining control. During this evaluation attire should be in shorts and a t-shirt. (if you don't have shorts wear some loose pants that can be rolled up above the knee) There will be an information packet that I need to send to you in advance and haveyou  bring it to your evaluation. Anita-Nell Swanson 208-866-7414 

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Kettlebell Training

A Kettlebell is a centuries-old Russians training tool that looks  like a bowling nball with a handle. THe Kettlebell appears in a 1704 Russian Dictionary (Cherkikh, 1994) It appears that, originally, kettlebells were counter weights used in Rusian markets. Country folk starting throwing them around and eventually they became verypop ular in russia as a training tool. In 1913 the Russian magazine Hercules reported "Not asi ngle sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettlebells-trained body is not bulky.

Kettlebells have a reputation for strengthing backs and abs like nothing else before. The ballistic, but non impact nature of KB work is the key. you are on your feet the whole time with KB training.The perfect anidote to modern seated society. KB training can be simplicity defined.The four basic exercises (the swing, the clean, the snatch and the press and their variations) can be used two-three times per week to keep you lean, strong and functional for the rest of your life.

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Becky Goodspeed: Anita-Nell truly has the gift of encouragement, In just the first 4 months, I'm doing things way beyond what I thought I was capableof. She is personable and I feel like she really cares about helping me be physically successful. Her classes are very social and I feel accountable, not in a bad way, but if I don't show up, I'll miss all the fun!

Debbi Boone:Anita-Nell has a heart of compassion for people and their fitness needs. She gives gentle but firm insistance when people whine or want to give up. She haas encouraged me to complete a life long goal of running a marathon and also helped me to develope a stronger core. I highly recomend Anita-Nell to everyone reguardless of their level of fitness. She'll meet each individual where they currently are in their weight and physical fitnesslevels and encourage them to grow and meet their goals.

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Kettlebell Class Times

Monday 11am 

Tuesday 545am and 6pm


Thursday 11am, 2pm and 6pm

Friday 530am

Saturday 9am

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